3pk Green CordSafe Electrical Extension Cord Protective Safety Cover|Water-Resistant Indoor Outdoor | Cord Fastening Retention Management | power tools fans patio tent string lights holiday lights

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Product Description

Indoor/Outdoor extension cord safety/cord management

Whenever using extension cords, it’s extremely important to be safe. If a cord has any signs of wear and tear, do NOT use it even if you are plugged into a GFCI outlet. CordSafe cord management enclosures prevent wear and tear and provide greater safety.

If you are using multiple extension cords or connecting other cords together, the connections points should be protected to avoid being pulled apart, or getting water in them. Never tie 2 extension cords together.

The CordSafe cord connectors are a perfect solution to creating a safe, long lasting connection. The CordSafe connectors take several different sizes of plugs and cords.

They are ideal for those portable fans, tools, av/audio visual installations, RV use and LED outdoor string lights used as Patio Lights now. The CordSafe cord connectors are made of a durable, weather resistant propylene plastic with gasket entry points . . . and they are proudly Made in the USA.

Be Safe – Get CordSafe!


Connecting up your String Lights?

Keep your light connections protected Weather Resistant Made in the US Extremely Durable Portable


Many Uses

Outdoor Lighting Construction Sites Power Tools Household Appliances Indoor Wiring Boating / Marine / RV Lawn Equipment Audio Video Components Holiday Lighting

Instructions for Use









Remove CordSafe Label

You now have access to the tabs that you can pull to open.

Open Both Ends

This will allow you to insert your extension cord.

Insert Extension Cord

Simply place extension cord in each end of the CordSafe cavity. Depending on the size of the extention cord heads you can lengthen the CordSafe by pulling apart.

Your Done

Your cord is now protected from the elements and being pulled apart. No tampering makes it safe for children as well. It’s helpful to push each end of the Cordsafe inward to get as secure of the connection as you can.

PROTECT YOUR EXTENSION CORD CONNECTIONS from getting pulled apart: OUR CORDSAFE covers your cord connections either INSIDE OR OUTSIDE to protect them from incidental disconnection and from WEATHER. Helps prevent breaker tripping! They’re water resistant. Safety first!
PROTECTIVE EXPANDABLE COVER CAN FIT UP TO 12 GAUGE CORDS – The wire entry points can accommodate up to 12-gauge cords while the housing can comfortably fit most extension cords including 3-prong plugs. Simply remove the PP grommets in the ends to fit the 12AWG cord.
HEAVY-DUTY PLASTIC WITH LIVING HINGES & QUICK CLOSE LATCH creates a durable, TIGHT FITTING and water-resistant connection
DESIGNED, ENGINEERED, MADE IN THE USA by a certified woman-owned small business
USEFUL FOR indoor/outdoor holiday lighting, string lights, tent lighting, workshops and jobsites, corded power tools, fans and ventilators, exhibits, electronics, property management safety, temporary electrical connections BE SAFE – GET CORDSAFE – THANKS FOR MAKING OUR CONNECTION! See Multi-Pack Discount

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