Baby Proofing Safety Cabinet Locks – Child Proof Latches for Drawer Cupboard Dresser Doors Closet Oven Refrigerator – Adjustable Childproof Straps by Oxlay – Brown – 6 Pack

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Product Description


1. Clean the surface with alcohol wipes and let it dry.
2. Slide the “rear” piece into unlocked position and adjust the length of the strap, trim it if needed.
3. Slide “rear” piece into the locked position. Once locked, the item can’t be unlocked and readjusted.
4. Remove the 3M protective film and press both ends of the lock onto the prepared surface for 2 minutes. Do not use the lock for 24 hours to let the adhesive tape harden. Do not touch the adhesive foam with your hands.

✔️ When the “rear” part of the lock is set into position, it is tightly latched and is not supposed to be opened and readjusted, so be careful before snapping it closed. However, it is still possible to open the latched part. Carefully slide a flat head screwdriver under the plastic part and it will pop off. Please take a look at the photo and video instructions on our website. WARNING: the locks might get some minor scratches if this is not done correctly.
✔️ Place the sticky side on the cabinet or surface and give it a night to dry. You can then put the locks on. This will allow the adhesive to dry, so the locks will stick better to the surface.
✔️ If you are not intending to use the whole length of the strap, trim the tail off. There won’t be a possibility of your baby playing with it and getting more leverage.


To open the lock, you’ll need to perform two actions: push the button sideward with your thumb and pull the piece outward. It is easy for an adult and can be done with one hand; for a child, however, this is almost impossible to do.

✔️ Both sides of the strap have sticky parts measuring 1.5″x1″, which need to be affixed to a flat surface. The strap is flexible and can go around corners or curves on surfaces.
✔️ To extend the life of these locks, is block your child’s view of them when opening them so that they can’t figure out how themselves. The latches are spring loaded and require quite a bit of dexterity to open, something that many kids won’t develop for years.
✔️ If you need to use the locks on an oven, find cooler spots on the outside of the oven door that don’t get hot. Typically, if you can place your hand on the surface and withstand the heat for a long time, the locks should hold just fine. But in places where feels too hot to place your hand, it is not recommended to install a latch there. The temperature should not exceed 140°F.


Oxlay Baby Safety Locks are the easiest way to secure cabinets and drawers. Two anchor points are needed for adhesive locks to stick to the surface. Both anchors are joined by a flexible strap.

It is important to make sure that dangerous objects are kept out of reach of children. Toddlers are top heavy and can easily drown, so remember to secure the toilet seat with Oxlay Baby Safety Locks.

These multi-purpose locks are designed to baby-proof household appliances. Secure your appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines, etc. with Oxlay Safety Locks.


✔️ An easy and effective way of securing cabinets, drawers, cupboards, closets, ovens, refrigerators, toilet seats, windows and doors. The locks can also be used for pet-proofing your house.

✔️ OXLAY’s locks are non-toxic. We use only premium quality materials.

✔️ The flexible, adjustable, high-quality strap works on most surfaces and around corners.

✔️ No drilling, no screws and no tools needed. It will take just a couple of minutes to install the locks. However, give the adhesive 24 hours to dry before use.

✔️ The patented 3M adhesive has been specially designed to neither mark surfaces nor leave a stain. OXLAY’s locks can be used on different surfaces including wood, glass, steel, etc.

✔️ The simple design allows you to open and close the latch with one hand.

✔️ Choose from different colors to better match your furniture: natural, dark brown or white. Forget about conspicuous, color-clashing locks being an eyesore on your wooden cabinets!

✔️ OXLAY’s Safety Locks are a must have for busy parents who want to secure their babies and childproof the house with minimum effort. Think about getting another set for the grandparents’ house!

✔️ OXLAY’s Safety Locks make a great gift for moms and dads.

✔️ Material: Premium quality ABS Resin + PE Resin.

WARNING: Never leave your children unattended! This product is not a substitute for adult supervision. Never use the locks on hot surfaces with temperatures exceeding 140°F. Check the product regularly to ensure safe use. If you detect any damage, immediately replace or remove the lock. Misuse, negligence, alteration or improper assembly invalidates any claim against the seller or manufacturer.

The strong, flexible, adjustable-length strap of premium quality is designed to work on most surfaces and around corners; easy remove baby locks without residue or stains, these baby proof latches don’t damage the furniture
Easy to install child safety locks, no tools needed, each cabinet locks child safety set contains extra adhesive foam tape to prolong the life of your babyproof cabinet locks; the child proofing locks have a long strap making these babyproofing latches a versatile baby safety solution
The locks are reusable, replace the used adhesive with the new tape if needed; adjust the length of child safety locks for any situation
New improved design, unlocking these latches presents no difficulties for adults, but can become a barrier for toddlers; the strap is fixed in place more securely to avoid accidental opening

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