Cabinet Locks for Babies, Baby Proofing Safety Locks, 10 Pack DUOSI No Screws and Magnets Fridge Refrigerators Locks Baby Proofing Child Safety Cabinet Locks for Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

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Product Description

child proof cabinet lockschild proof cabinet locks

Parents, are you familiar with all these awkward situations?

baby locks for cabinets and drawersbaby locks for cabinets and drawers


Believe it or not, your little babies or pet animals are always curious about everything around them and independent of your control. Self-injuries are not unusual for them.

Don’t worry! We have solutions for you!

baby safety locks for cabinetsbaby safety locks for cabinets

Here’s all that you need – the Baby Safety Locks!

Your babies are open to household hazards. As for parents, the safety of them is always beyond everything. With your home appliances being locked up, you are able to ease your mood and don’t have to keep an eye on your toddlers all the time.

fridge lockfridge lock

Get it ready with a few simple steps

Adjust to the position. Once fixed, the baby lock is no more adjustable. So make sure that you have adjusted it to the accurate position before trying to tear the stickers off. You can twist the strap of the safety lock once or twice in case you need a shorter distance.Clean the surface of relevant appliance. A clean and dry surface enables a long-lasting and better sticky effect for child cabinet locks. To do so, an alcoholic cloth is recommended for cleaning the appliance surface.Tear the stickers off. You can see a completely transparent baby safety lock by tearing the stickers away.Stick and press. Stick the transparent adhesive parts to the pre-cleaned surface and press them a little bit hard. This could help to drive away as much air as possible thus good for the stickiness. Do not try to test the strength of baby proofing locks within 24 hours after installation.

Notes: It is suggested not to let your toddlers see the installation processes so as not to arouse their curiosity.

child proofingchild proofing

Easy ways for removal of child safety lock

Use a hairdryer to apply heat to the sticker until it becomes soft.Use a dental floss/a thin cotton string to remove it slowly from the side.Insert a hard cardboard sheet from the side to remove it.

Notes: Do not apply the option of heat with a hairdryer if the surface of your cabinet or drawer is finished by a piece of layer instead of paintings.

Product Features

childproof cabinet latches

childproof cabinet latches

baby locks

baby locks

child lock

child lock

child safety locks

child safety locks

Crystal Clean & Flexible Baby Safety Lock

The transparent appearance of the refrigerator lock makes it a perfect match with your household items. Its transparency is not obvious enough to attract your baby’s attention. The flexible strap can be twisted once or twice in order to meet a shorter distance.

High Strength Bearing Capacity & Baby Proofing

The customized transparent adhesive tape on the baby proofing cabinet lock has not only a no-trace design but also a high loading capacity. Therefore, it is durable and friendly to your home furniture while being able to bear the physical strength of a baby without any difficulties.

Adult Friendly Open & Close Mechanism

The safety lock has an adult-friendly and baby-proofing design. Simply lift the cover and put the trap aside so you can open and close your cabinet door without any interruption. You can open and close from either side of the baby cabinet safety latch for your convenience.

Easy Access and One Hand Operation

To enable an easier process of opening and closing for adults and to bear the roughest grasp of your babies, we’d recommend you to make the opening and closing directions of the baby lock stay downward or upward at the time of installation, rather than putting them inward.

Multipurpose Cabinet Locks for Babies and a Good Assistant for New Parents: The child safety locks can be widely used on flat surfaces or corners of any kind of home cabinets, cupboards, closets, drawers, kitchen ovens, trash cans, refrigerators, and toilet seats, etc. It is a good choice to secure the door or lid of the applications so as to keep your little children out of dangerous situations.
Intelligent Design and Convenience Only: The transparent child safety locks for cabinets and drawers can be well integrated into your household items, which will neither affect your home appearance nor easily noticeable by toddlers. The improvement of transparent sticky solution on child proof cabinet locks is friendly for your furniture and articles that have been applied to.
Easy and Effortless Installation Child Safety Locks: The baby proofing cabinet locks have a simple tear-and-paste design that enables easy installation and removal processes, with no drillings nor additional tools required. The smart open and close mechanism allows easy operation for an adult while being enough to bear the physical strength of a baby. Notes: Babies have strong imitation ability. Please try not to let them see the process of how you open and close the proofing locks.
How to Achieve a Better Effect of the Child Safety Locks: Make sure you clean the surface of applications first, tear away the stickers on baby proofing cabinet locks and stick to the pre-cleaned place, press the adhesive parts hard, and wait at least 24 hours before the baby proofing locks become regular use. For more detailed information, please refer to the product descriptions.

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